Why Simplicity Leads to Sales

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Business Development

Whether your business is involved in B2B or B2C sales or services, you need to understand your customers before you can sell to them. It’s a simple fact. And the better you understand your customers, the more you can simplify your sales strategy.

So what do we mean by that?

Essentially, your conversion rate is influenced by how well you understand your customers and make your appeal. The better you understand them, the higher your conversion rate. As conversions increase and you grow accustomed to your audience demographics, less time needs to be spent analyzing them and the things that are and aren’t working for you. Theoretically, it’s also true that the better you’re reaching your target audience, the more likely it is that you’ll receive word of mouth referrals for your products or services. This is simply because you’re connecting your product or service with customers on a deeper level, which increases the likelihood of them recommending your business.

Simple Sales Strategy
On a more concrete level, making use of modern sales channels which require less management than traditional channels can help simplify your sales strategy. A website, for example, is a sales employee who works 24/7, 365 promoting your products or services with the exact words and phrases you choose. He requires a few hours of attention per month, on average, and consistently provides updated sales and analytics reports. With the extra sales he’s making, you can afford to spend less hours selling while still experiencing growth. A website won’t eliminate the need to work and rework your sales strategy, but it can help simplify it.

On a final note, it’s important to remember that understanding your customers is the first and most crucial step of all. A website won’t sell for you if you don’t understand your customers first, and word of mouth won’t travel as quickly if the right customers aren’t reached.

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