How to Make Your Brand Pop!

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Business Marketing

A brand is an identity, and your brand doesn’t have to be an Apple, Coca-Cola, or Disney for it to profoundly impact how people view and interact with your business. But for your brand to have a measurable impact, it needs to ‘pop!’, and there are myriad ways to make that happen! Here are our top five tips for improving your brand and setting your business apart:

1) Take advantage of social media and social media campaigns

Social media is an ideal platform for engaging your customers and target audience. As of 2014, Americans were spending 40 minutes per day on Facebook. That’s 20 hours per month that you could be putting your brand or company message in front of an average Facebook user. Now add in all of the other social media websites that are widely used and you’re looking at a lot of opportunities to build your brand. That’s not to say you should be posting or tweeting at every opportunity you get – it’s important to keep your message focused on your core brand identity.

Social media and social media campaigns provide another distinct advantage in determining how customers perceive your brand and message. You have the ability to analyze how your audience interacts with your content or ad campaign, and see how that audience breaks down demographically. Using that information wisely can help you to refine your target audience and better convey your brand message.

2) Be visible and visual

A picture is worth a thousand words. To put it slightly differently, a picture can tell a story on it’s own. The internet affords a great opportunity for telling a story or sending a message via graphic design. Social media, for example, is one place we’re all used to seeing images posted by groups or brands that we follow. It’s not without reason – on average, Facebook posts with images receive about 50% greater engagement.

Websites and videos are another great way to be both visible and visual. A website can vastly improve the likelihood and frequency with which your brand gets found online. It also affords the added ability to convey a message through colors, layout, and typography in addition to images. Videos, too, are a great way to improve your brand awareness and promote products or services. As of 2014, 78.4% of all U.S. internet users watched online video content.

3) Tell a story

Make Your Brand Pop!
We’ve briefly mentioned telling a story, and now we’re going to expand on that. Stories allow people to connect to things or ideas in ways that are memorable. Stories can therefore be extremely valuable to a brand, as the key to building and improving a brand is connecting with people.

One method is to tell a story about the business or its owner which resonates with residents of a certain city, state, or region. But a story doesn’t always have to be about the business to build the brand. It can simply be a way of connecting to people which goes beyond describing a product or service. It can be a way of carving out a unique identity which is memorable and relatable.

4) Keep it simple and consistent

We’ll keep this one simple. Simple things are easier to understand, and understanding a business or brand is the first step to connecting with it. A simple brand message is likely to be more memorable and relatable than a complex one. Consistency is also key as it reinforces your brand message and strengthens your brand identity.

5) Renew your brand

Modernizing your brand is a great way to stand out and reconnect with customers. Revamping your website or graphics like social media cover photos can be a great way to generate excitement around your business or brand. However, this tip does come with a caveat: making changes too often could impact how people perceive your brand. So keep things simple – modernize when necessary, but keep the message strong and consistent.

Have some tips of your own for improving a brand and making it ‘pop!’? Let us know in the comments section below!

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