Why Google Loves Mobile Websites, and You Should Too

It’s been a bit more than four months now since Google released its much-anticipated, oft-feared “Mobilegeddon” update, and the impact has certainly been felt. And while the mobile-friendly update wasn’t as apocalyptic as some of its algorithmic predecessors, the future doesn’t look bright for non-mobile websites. Here’s why we say Google loves mobile, and you should too.

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3 Reasons Your Business is Struggling

Starting a business is a difficult task. Running a business effectively is an even more difficult one. At times, it can feel as if everything is on your shoulders. There are few times as bad as those when your business is struggling along. However, every business struggles or encounters roadblocks at one point or another, and sometimes getting past those roadblocks is as simple as evaluating your personal efforts.

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Why Simplicity Leads to Sales

Whether your business is involved in B2B or B2C sales or services, you need to understand your customers before you can sell to them. It’s a simple fact. And the better you understand your customers, the more you can simplify your sales strategy.

So what do we mean by that?

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How to Make Your Brand Pop!

A brand is an identity, and your brand doesn’t have to be an Apple, Coca-Cola, or Disney for it to profoundly impact how people view and interact with your business. But for your brand to have a measurable impact, it needs to ‘pop!’, and there are myriad ways to make that happen! Here are our top five tips for improving your brand and setting your business apart.

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